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Tap Virtuoso

Tap dancing from Bach to Gershwin

The virtuoso tap dancer who revolutionizes classical music and jazz with his movements

Aurélien Lehmann sits at the crossroads of the Arts. World-class tap dancer, musician, choreographer, pianist, accordionist, singer and an exceptional traveler, he is reinventing the art of Tap Dance with his own blended influences, infusing athleticism into his sense of swing, filling the syncopation of Duke Ellington inside a fugue by J.S.Bach, mixing classical music and jazz with maestria. Aurélien Lehmann reveals the true essence of Tap Dancing as an instrument of musical interpretation.


Aurélien Lehmann is a virtuoso tap dancer who is known for his original and contemporary style combining classical and jazz with his movements. He has created and performed in several musical shows such as Tap Virtuoso, Back to Tap, Rhythm Fire...). His unique and contemporary style combines the elegance of «Broadway» and the musical virtuosity of improvisation. He has collaborated with renowned artists such as François-René Duchâble, Pierre-Yves Plat, Luc Petit... He has appeared on various stages and media in France and abroad. 


His lastest show, TAP VIRTUOSO, was recently premiered at Theatre du Châtelet in Paris, the temple of musical-related shows in France. In his show, Aurélien Lehmann performs classical music masterpieces from Bach to Gershwin, accompanied by world-renowned musicians. A unique visual and musical performance that will make you (re)discover the history and evolution of classical music to the rhythm of Tap Dance.

« Both a dance and a percussion instrument, Tap Dance gives me the power to interpret the music, combining the dan- cer’s momentum with the musician’s rhythms. It is a sophisticated musical experience, as it is one of the few dances that simultaneously connects the body, which dances, and the spirit, the living musical soul of the musician. Tap Dance gives me the power to «vibrate» with the music.»

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"Breathtaking ease and majesty" (Le Monde du Ciné)

"The French Fred Astaire" (TV5 Monde)

"A genius of Tap Dancing" (C8)

"A most promising performer!" (BroadwayWorld)

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“The French Fred Astaire!”
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RHTYHM FIRE - From Bach to Stevie Wonder - Duo with jazz piano Virtuoso Pierre-Yves Plat

LA DANZA DEL CAOS - World première in 2023 - A show by French famous pianist and composer Franck Montbaylet

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