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  • Tap Virtuoso at the Théâtre du Châtelet
    Sun, Feb 06
    Aurélien Lehmann and François-René Duchâble perform the greatest masterpieces of classical music on piano and tap dance. Info and reservations:
  • Tap Shoes & The Band
    Wed, Jul 07
    Tap Shoes & The Band "" "" Tap Dance Night Fever "" "" Jazz evening to the rhythms of American tap dancing! Aurélien Lehmann - Tap Dance (tap dance) Mathieu Meyer - Piano Gabriel Pierre - Double bass Franck Chenal - Drums
  • Gershwin the Magnificent - Tap Dance / Tap dance
    Thu, Dec 31
    The Bal Blomet
    I will accompany the Orchester Del Mar for an exceptional New Year's Eve concert on the cult tunes of Gershwin, entirely rearranged for vocals and tap dancing. December 31st at 7:00 p.m. at the Bal Blomet!
  • Gershwin the Magnificent - Tap Dance / Tap dance
    Thu, Nov 26
    The Bal Blomet
    We no longer present Gershwin, but did you know that he composed many songs for his faithful friend Fred Astaire as well as other Tap Dancers? I will have the pleasure of accompanying the Orchester Del Mar on vocals & tap dancing on November 21 at Bal Blomet.
  • Private evening - Château de Villeneuve
    Sat, Nov 14
    Villeneuve castle
    Prestigious VIP evening at the Château de Villeneuve
  • Roaring Twenties Evening - Silencio
    Thu, Feb 06
    David Lynch's famous Parisian club is hosting a crazy evening in homage to Hollywood cinema. Tap dance numbers and a glamorous atmosphere!
  • Jazz taps
    Fri, Jan 31
    Big festive evening in Athis-Mons (91) with Jazz orchestra.
  • The Christmas Watchmaker - Luc Petit Creation
    Sun, Dec 15
    A magical and family creation by Luc Petit, of which I will have the immense honor of being a part as a solo dancer.
  • The Very Tap Show! Jazz taps
    Fri, Dec 06
    Sinaloa Bar Club Paris
    The real American entertainment show, to the rhythms of jazz and tap dancing!
  • Airbus Awards For Excellence
    Wed, Dec 04
    Choreographer and dancer for an evening bringing together the best talents of the Airbus group, in the presence of the management committee.
  • The Very Tap Show!
    Fri, Nov 08
    Sinaloa Bar Club Paris
    The real American entertainment show, to the rhythms of jazz and tap dancing!
  • Back to Tap Show - Briare
    Sat, Nov 02
    In concert with the Paris Tap Orchestra trio and the Tap Dance Paris swing troupe in Briare.
  • The Very Tap Show - Tap show
    Sat, Oct 12
    Sinaloa Bar Club Paris
    Premiere of the Very Tap Show. Jazz and American tap dance evening at the Sinaloa Club (Paris Bastille)
  • Grand Bal Swing - MC BIG BAND
    Sun, Oct 06
    With the large orchestra of MC BIG BAND, on Sunday October 6 at Clamart!
  • Les Dûchableries - Marie Louise Foundation
    Sun, Sep 22
    Marie-Louise Foundation
    In Toulouse this Sunday to accompany on tap the famous virtuoso pianist François René-Dûchable and the Big Brass Band, a large brass and percussion musical ensemble, under the direction of Jean-Guy Olive and Marc Ursule. 👞👣
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