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Aurélien Lehmann
Tap Dancer

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Virtuoso tap dancer and choreographer Aurélien Lehmann performs on demand, for events in  France and Europe, advertisements, festivals, private parties, corporate events, concerts, weddings...


Tap Dancer - Châtelet Theater

Aurélien Lehmann sits at the crossroads of the Arts. Traveler of cultures, child of rhythm, both jazz and classical,  he is reinventing the art of Tap Dance with his own blended influences. Former rugby player, he infuses athleticism into his sense of swing, filling the syncopation of Duke Ellington inside a fugue by Bach, mixing classical music and jazz with maestria. 

Dancer-musician, Aurélien Lehmann reveals the true essence of Tap Dancing as an instrument of musical interpretation. 


As a soloist and choreographer, Aurélien Lehmann performs in France and in Europe in prestigious productions and events. He is the songwriter of shows (Back to Tap, Very Tap Show), mixing dance, humor and original compositions. In 2022 the Théâtre du Châtelet opens its doors to him, for the show " TAP VIRTUOSO" in duet with the world renowned pianist François-René Duchâble. 

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