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RHYTHM ON FIRE - AFFICHE - Le Show virtuose et déjanté des deux fous furieux du Swing.jpg
Rhythm Fire Aurelien Lehman Pierre Yves Plat - Laetitia Bernard_edited.jpg


The virtuoso and crazy show of the two madmen of swing! 
Get Ready to Groove with French Piano and Tap Prodigies!

When piano maestro Pierre-Yves Plat joins forces with tap sensation Aurélien Lehmann, it's like lightning in a bottle! Get ready to groove and sway as this dynamic duo unleashes an explosion of classical, jazz, and pop hits, all with their signature blend of humor, style, and swing. They'll have you singing, dancing, and tapping your toes to the rhythm of their virtuosic performance. So, come on and join the party! Prepare to be transported to a world of limitless joy and wonder with this zany and eclectic show. A magnetic blend of classical and jazz, this musical extravaganza is bound to get your toes tapping no matter your musical tastes. Whether you're a Bach buff or a Stevie Wonder fan, this 100,000 volt duo is sure to electrify your senses and leave you breathless with musical delight!

Info / Booking: 

Philippe Dupouy / 06 62 35 04 15

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